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Projecting Signs

Signage solutions that instantly pop out and bring immediate attention to your business are the best way to attract more customers and give your business the boost it needs. With our customised Projecting Signs, you get a highly effective and impactful signage solution for your business. We manufacture all types of  projecting signs ranging from box sign, all the way to a custom shaped stainless steel or aluminium projecting sign to match the logo of your business. 


Come visit our showroom to view the different options available and we will create a brand image for your business that stands out with our bespoke signage crafted to perfection. 

We use high quality LED lights and materials in our projecting signs ensuring the longevity of our signage.

  • LED light energy efficiency

  • Customised and bespoke signage

  • Well-lit and highly customisable


Do you want a high-quality projecting sign for your business? Get in touch with our design team and let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get started right away! 

Imani Double Sided Illuminated Projecting Sign
To Let Illuminated Projecting Sign
JQ Wholesale Projecting Sign
Subak Signs Office Illuminated Projecting Sign
Burger Holic Aluminium Chrom Illuminated Circle Projecting Sign
Delightz Illuminated Projecting Sign
Thoub Shop Illuminated Projecting Sign
Aluminium Pharmacy Tray Effect Projecting Sign

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