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Printed LED Ceiling  Light Panel

Subak Signs & Print brings you an exclusive product that can help you get the edge you’ve been looking for when it comes to visually stunning solutions to make your business far more attractive than the rest.


Introducing our Exclusive Printed LED Panels for businesses. Imagine walking into your place of business and looking up at the ceiling to see a skylight with mesmerising and stunning visuals, even if the ceiling is in the basement level without an actual skylight above. With the right expertise in LED panel design and printing, it is possible for you to completely transform the space, and Subak Signs & Print is making that possible for you today.


Whether you’re looking for marketing visuals for your business or a visually stunning design adorning the ceiling or walls in your business, our high-quality and full-colour printed LED panels are perfect to meet your needs. Contact us today, and our design team will work closely with you to craft the printed LED panels for business that are designed to perfection.

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