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Printed Flags

Printed flags are one of the best ways to take an innovative approach to signage solutions to get better visibility for your business and attract more customers by standing out from the rest. Whether you want to promote your new restaurant, have new offerings, or want to spruce up the storefront with visually stunning yet affordable signage, well-designed printed flags are the perfect way to get successful results.


Subak Signs & Print offers custom-printed flags for business in a wide range of sizes and styles. Made using high-quality materials, these light-weight, full-colour, and waterproof flags are also filled with water towards the bottom to prevent fluttering during windy conditions.


Tell us what your business is and what you’re hoping to accomplish with the printed flags you need. Our design team will work closely with you to design and print the custom-flags tailored to perfection to meet your needs.

CBD Vape Store Printed Flags
CBD Vape Store Printed Flags

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