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Our Brands

Subak Signs & Print  is a name that's already popular in the signage and printing industry. Established over two decades ago, and after countless early mornings and late nights of hard work, consistency, and commitment to quality, we are pleased to share that we have expanded to add not one but two different brands under our banner for you!


We established Neonsubak in 2021, at a time when neon flex signs were incredibly popular. We immediately recognised the trend and the rising demand for neon flex signs. We launched Neonsubak to address the need for our clients while providing a proven name in the industry to ensure the peace of mind that a reputable brand is behind the innovative solutions. And as we always strive for maximum value for money and convenience for you, our client, we launched the brand with various pre-set designs that you can order online, adding the option to customise the designs to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.


But that’s not all!

We offer practically every kind of standard signage and printing solution for commercial businesses.


Subak Signs & Print Solutions has also launched its very own online and on-site LED signage store, by the name of LEDSubak. Establishing a separate brand that caters to all things LED allows us to better cater to our own LED signage solution needs while providing you with a better opportunity to avail high-quality LEDs for various purposes. LEDSubak is a convenient solution. 

ensuring that you always have the best LED lighting solutions when you need them.


With over two decades of involvement in the industry, we do more than just facilitate signage and printing solutions for our valued customers. The experience our team has accumulated over the years also allows us to offer the best advice and provide answers to all our customers’ questions.


Client care and satisfaction are core values we follow strictly here at Subak Signs . Over the years, we have acquired the most skilled talent available in the industry to ensure that every aspect of our business builds on the strong foundations we have laid to provide you with services that deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Regardless of whether it’s signage, printing, planning, or designing, you can rest assured that with Subak Signs & Print Solutions and its subsidiary brands, you have the very best in the business working with you.

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 Coming Soon

Our all new Neon brand for our Neon Sign Range 


Coming Soon 

Our Online Store For All your Signage & Home LED's

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