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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signage gives you one of the easiest ways to get your brand messaging out there in a reusable and effective manner. Whether you’re looking for high-quality branding visuals for your vehicle or temporary signage to put up outside your new business until you can get something more prominent up there, the right design on high-quality magnetic signage can offer the perfect solution.


At Subak Signs & Print, we specialise in creating bespoke and custom-made magnetic signage by printing high-quality designs on PVC with a magnetic strip that has strong adhesion and a protective covering that protects the surface underneath from any scratches. It could be the perfect way to advertise your business if you use your personal car for business because you can remove the magnetic sign when you’re driving the vehicle for personal use.


We offer full-colour printing services in a wide range of sizes. It means that you can get a magnetic sign printed for your vehicle or perhaps a family portrait in the form of a fridge magnet. The possibilities are limitless. Tell us what you’re looking for, and our design team will create something tailored to your needs.

Printed Fridge Magnets
Printed Vehicle Magnets
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Family Printed Magnets for Fridge

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